This year ICT has been better than ever. We have started learning about being safe online. Miss Claire our ICT teacher organised an online website that would help us with being safe online. It has quizzes and even rewards once you’ve completed all of them. I think it is a great way to encourage us to make sure we’re always safe online. The link will be in the comment below and if you sign up or if you already have, in the comments below tell me your score or we could discuss a question.




Hello people,

Today is the 23rd of October which is the first round of inter school sports. I was really nervous about my first soccer match but I needed to stay calm. It was my first preference and it was good I got picked to do soccer. The game was a tough one and it was really hectic but in the end it was 3 all. It was a wonderful game, everyone had lots of fun.  Now out of volley catch, cricket or soccer what sport would you pick? Explain your answer in the comments below.