Today, Wednesday the 23rd of the 3rd was one to remember. We had finished our first inquiry topic for the year which was learning about the earths change. We had to create a presentation  on our natural phenomena on either a survival kit + brochure art piece, story book or news article. I did a Tsunami and my presentation type was a survival kit. I was really proud of my final piece especially my brochure but I found it really challenging keeping track of time but next time I will have better time management and remember to keep on task. I think that next time I do this again I would do a newspaper report but overall it was relay fun it was diffidently one of the best inquiry projects ever!IMG_0753


In art we have been learning about how to make different types of art. This week we learnt how to make pebble art it was great fun and it was an awesome experience. I decided to make a tree using twigs and stones to great and big tree and it might not sound the best but for me it was one of my favorite art lessons ever. The other people in my class decided to do different things like making swings and parks because our art lesson was also about making creative wildlife.




Today was a day that was great with so many cool things but not every thing was great. Today was St Patrick’s day so all the grade six’s in our school including me went to St Patrick’s Cathedral in the city. When we got their we were all shocked about how big it was. It took about literally 10 years to find a seat because their were hundreds of schools attending. The church lasted for an hour and 30 minutes and that was not that interesting.

After the church we went to a concert nearby and that was really exciting. There were lots of activities like dodge ball and tug of war but all the activities were really crowded. At the end of the concert we left for the train and the weather was terrible- it was crazy hot and by the time we got back it was just like old school again.

Have you ever been to St Patrick’s Cathedral? What did you think of it?


Today was one of the most exciting days of them all Charlie from hands on science and taught us about natural phenomenons. We did experiments to help us understand the way these natural disasters work. We learnt about the effect of the earth and how the earth can make these things happen. One of the things I didn’t know was that a tsunami is caused when an earthquake happens underwater causing a massive wave. The thing I found most interesting was that when water is heated by the sun and it causes a cloud to form. I think this incursion was a great way to help us understand more about natural phenomenons