Anzac day

Hello friends,

Yesterday we learnt about the Anzac’s, and all about what it was like in the trenches in world war 1. We found out how they suffered from all type of conditions like thirst hunger and pains from head to toe. I think the people who joined the army to fight for our country were brave to do what they did. I also think that war is a horrid thing and no body wins in war as every side has a loss. On Tuesday  we also had a minute of silence to honour all the soldiers who gave their lives for our country.


Hello guys,

Today in maths we learnt about measurement and area. Today activity was to draw a rectangle using an amount of area and perimeter. for example we had to make a rectangle that had the area between 12 and 18 and the perimeter of 20 to 24 the task was very fun as we had to draw as many explanations for the task because maths was my favorite subject it was great to learn more about area as I did not know much about it. After we finished the task ad we made as many possibilities as we could we need to do a good copy of our work. That involved cutting the correct measurements and cut in the inside to make it look even cooler. This task was very fun but was not my favorite but I have to admit I learnt so much from it.




Today in class we learnt about Albert Einstein before i watched the video i knew nothing about Albert Einstein. I found out that his discoverers are still helping us now days to discover black holes and matter. I think Albert Einstein is a great person he has helped us to get were we are now. Albert Einsteins most famous invention was when  he discovers the theory of relativity.

What do you think about Albert Einstein?





Hello guys,

Today in maths we learnt about tangrams. Their a pretty interesting thing to learn about and its definitely really fun. We had to make shapes using other shapes and you would be surprised how hard it is even so i managed to make a square using 5 shapes. The shapes you had though were not the best we had 2 big triangles, a medium sized triangle, 2 small triangles, a square and a few other shapes. This was diffidently one of the best maths topics so far this year and i hope to learn about it again soon!

How much do you like Tangrams?