Hi guys, 

Its been a very exciting week at school but one of the highlights were buddies. My buddy Chris is a very questioning and sporty person. He loves sport like me but he asks a lot of questions and sometimes they are not really necessary. I already know him a lot as he lives on my street and we always go out but I can always improve my relationship with him. This week my main goal was to let him do most of the work and I would  just sit back.


Bye guys,


Our learning goals

Hello guys

Today in school we were told to focus on a goal. We had to make a goal to set for our learning but we had to make sure it was achievable but we still had to make it a challenge as it would last for the year. My goal is to improve my writing. I would like my writing to be more fluent. I would also want to use lots of adjectives and use other sentences that we have learnt in class. We have learnt about compound complex and simple sentences and I hope to use though words. I have also found that spelling is very bad but lucky for me, when I type my blog post it has a spell checker but when you see my real writing you will understand. I reckon I can reach my goal if I keep reading as that would help with my spelling and it would also help me with my writing to. I think that having these goals is a great idea and I will try my best to achieve mine.

Everyone is still a learner but what is your learning goal?

Thank you and see you next time

Cross Country

Hi guys


Last week our school had cross country trials. The most challenging thing was maintaining my pace, but next time I will remember to slowdown at the start, and save my energy. The task was very hard, but I was in the highest group and I finished 3rd.

Although that was a good result, next time I will do better. Last year when we did the district race I finished 12th, which is a substitute place. When you come 11th or 12th, you get a substitute place for the regional race. This year I want to make top 10 in districts.

Do you guys like running long distances? If you do can you give me some tips?