Lemon Power?


As the end of term is here we have just finished our inquiry project. Our project was on lemons and potato powering a light bold and which fruit or vegetable could power more volts. The most challenging thing was creating our props. I discovered that the potatoes can surprisingly power more volts then a lemon. Even though imovie was very new to me I was most proud of being able to insert videos and add effects. Now I know a lot more about how a circuit works and what it needs to include, some of the things that it includes are power sources, a test and a conductor. I also learnt things like how to write scripts and how to do a story board. I think that this term I have learnt a lot more that other terms at school.


Here is the finished product of our awesome imovie:   

Criss Cross up down low high

Hi Guys,


Today I successful because i was able to understand the criss cross strategy and i picked it up pretty quickly and I think that who ever came up with this strategy is a genius. I am most proud of being able to complete all the questions and get them correct with a lot of time to spare. Now i know how to compare fractions and see which one is more by just doing to sums. Have you heard of the criss cross strategy ? If you have tell me what you think of it.


Hey Guys,

In art this term we had a very hard but fun task. We drew on a ceramic tile using permanent markers. Already it looked great but we were no way close to finishing. We then used paint diluter and dripped it onto our tile. Then after it dried it looked so amazing as the drops gave it that little cherry on top. Then it was time to decorate it, We got to draw on it using black markers. My work was a picture of a sunset on the ocean.



Take a look.


Write it now or write in never

Hey guys,

This week during writing time we have learnt about what a good script looks like. We had to pick a seed then write around that seed. My seed was a picture of a fire so I did it about firefighters who never liked each other but then became good friends. I found it really hard to it out using the proper layout but I hope to get better at it. I really enjoy writing scripts as you can show characters emotions and feelings. Do you like writing scripts, Explain why?