Mui Mui’s Story

Hello guys,
Yesterday in the seniors, a guest speaker named Mui Mui came into class to tell us about her migration story. She showed us a video about her story, and later on she explained what she had to go through to come to Australia. I discovered that she had to stay on a boat for five days and the whole time she was forced to sit with her aching legs crossed while her children sat on her knees. The food supply was very poor on the petite wooden boat. Later on, she got rescued and was brought into a camp that was rough quality and she had many struggles with it. I was surprised that she had to stay in that dirty camp for eleven months until she finally got accepted to come to Australia. Now I know that I should always be persistent and keep moving forward as that was what Mui Mui did. I wonder how she was able to live without food and water for 2 days?


Hey guys,

This week we had our first dance lesson. I discovered a lot about Bollywood as that was our prescribed dance. At first I was surprised and I was not looking forward to it but when I saw the dance and started practising, I kind of enjoyed it. The dance is very hard though but I think after a lot of practice, I would have mastered it. Now I know that Bollywood is a way to show how the Indians danced.  The other class is doing hip hop dancing and I would definitely prefer that but it would be a good experience.File_000


Hey guys,

School is back and that means making a new goal. I am determined to improve my spelling as that is one of my weak points. I have been reading a lot and that has helped me with my spelling but would still like to improve more. As school is now back and I am nearly in high school as am half way through my year I must try to learn as much as can. I would also try to prepare my self for the coming year. I think by the end of the term I could have a lot better spelling and hopefully I could be able to remember them . Do you have any tips for how I could improve my spelling? If you do please tell me in the comments.