Inquiry Project. Done!

Hello guys,


I have finally finished my inquiry project. It has been a long term a it’s nearly come to an end. Here I have presented all my learning that i have done this term. I now know a lot more about refugees and asylum seekers and more about immigration. It was hard trying to make my imovie as I did not know how to display it. This term was very fun and I enjoyed studying this subject. If I were to do it again though I would pick policies around migration as my topic.

Here is My final presentation:

Hello guys,


Recently i have been working on a google slide about the book “Fox” by Margret wild. We learnt about the character descriptions as our learning intention was to be able to make connections on the text that we read. We wrote poems and descriptions on the characters in the book.

This is my work below:

Say No

Hey guys,

Have you ever been bullied? Well if you have what did you do about it? On Wednesday we had a visit from the the Victorian police so they could teach us about bulling and how to stop it. Recently it has been more common as people have been standing by and not taking action. They also told us that anyone at the age of 10 or older can be charged with bullying as long as there is evidence. She also told us about what we can do to stop bullying. I know know that I should always keep my social accounts on private as if i didn’t anyone could access them. I discovered a story about a year 7 kid who was tricked by a man in Spain as he said that he was 16 year old girl. I was surprised that people could be fooled so easily, What do you think?