Inter school sports

Hello everyone,

Finally the time has come, We are starting to practice for inter school sports. I have been looking forward to this event for a long time. Inter school sports is when you verse other people in certain sports. This year I am in the soccer team which was my first preference.  As this is my last year with this school I will try and make it a memory by winning most my games and having fun. By playing this sport I hope to improve teamwork skills and communicative skills with my friends. Lately we have all been practicing and training for the days to come as it is very exciting. I think a good team is a team who cooperates and they all work together. They also in courage each other to try there best a have a good time. Have you guys ever played inter school sports, If you have tell me what sport you played and if you could give me some tips that I could use during my games

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Hello everyone,

As you may know we have been learning about animals and everything related to that topic. After doing our food webs we started learning about ecosystems. We learnt the difference between a habitat and a ecosystems. We also had to study an ecosystem and the one I had to do was limestone cave which was very hard. Most animals like birds and insects live in caves but there a few amazing animals like wolves and snakes that live in there to. I think the learning about ecosystems helped my understanding the difference between that and habitats. I knew nothing about Limestone Caves so it was great to learn about it. This topic was very fun and I hope we can come back to it one day.

What ecosystems do you know? Can u name them all?

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Liam, Bye


Food Webs

Hello guys,


For our inquiry this term we are learning about animals as I said before but this week we are making out own food webs. As I am learning about the cheetah I explored its food web. I found out that lion were on top of the savanna food chain. I found this interesting as lions don’t eat cheetahs but they can kill them. I think that food webs are very interesting as you can see who eats who. I’m really excited about continuing my food web and hopefully learning more about animals. Have you ever made a food web?



Natural habitat

Hey guys,


Guess what happened on Monday. All the seniors went to the zoo! This term we are learning about animals and how we affect the population of these animals.


W went to the zoo to explore the SOS 10. If you don’t know what this is it’s a program to raise awareness for 10 animals that are endangered or critically endangered. After learning about these animals and a lot of other things.


My favorite fact was that the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect was thought to be extinct for 80 years until they were again discovered and brought back to the world.

I thought the excursion was very fun and interesting as I learnt a lot of knew things.

I would advise going to the Melbourne zoo.

What is your favorite animal in the zoo and why?



Score a Goal

Hello guys,


Do you guys set goals for your learning? well now i’m gonna set one for this term. For this term I think that I should put more effort into my work, so that I prepare myself more for high school as I need to get an idea of how much harder it would be. I also think it’s a good Idea to give me something to achieve this term. So what would you set your goal as?