Natural habitat

Hey guys,


Guess what happened on Monday. All the seniors went to the zoo! This term we are learning about animals and how we affect the population of these animals.


W went to the zoo to explore the SOS 10. If you don’t know what this is it’s a program to raise awareness for 10 animals that are endangered or critically endangered. After learning about these animals and a lot of other things.


My favorite fact was that the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect was thought to be extinct for 80 years until they were again discovered and brought back to the world.

I thought the excursion was very fun and interesting as I learnt a lot of knew things.

I would advise going to the Melbourne zoo.

What is your favorite animal in the zoo and why?



Anzac day

Hello friends,

Yesterday we learnt about the Anzac’s, and all about what it was like in the trenches in world war 1. We found out how they suffered from all type of conditions like thirst hunger and pains from head to toe. I think the people who joined the army to fight for our country were brave to do what they did. I also think that war is a horrid thing and no body wins in war as every side has a loss. On Tuesday  we also had a minute of silence to honour all the soldiers who gave their lives for our country.


Today, Wednesday the 23rd of the 3rd was one to remember. We had finished our first inquiry topic for the year which was learning about the earths change. We had to create a presentation  on our natural phenomena on either a survival kit + brochure art piece, story book or news article. I did a Tsunami and my presentation type was a survival kit. I was really proud of my final piece especially my brochure but I found it really challenging keeping track of time but next time I will have better time management and remember to keep on task. I think that next time I do this again I would do a newspaper report but overall it was relay fun it was diffidently one of the best inquiry projects ever!IMG_0753


Today was one of the most exciting days of them all Charlie from hands on science and taught us about natural phenomenons. We did experiments to help us understand the way these natural disasters work. We learnt about the effect of the earth and how the earth can make these things happen. One of the things I didn’t know was that a tsunami is caused when an earthquake happens underwater causing a massive wave. The thing I found most interesting was that when water is heated by the sun and it causes a cloud to form. I think this incursion was a great way to help us understand more about natural phenomenons


Recently our class has been studding about the earth and how it orbits. To help us learn more the teachers made us do a small project about the four spheres such as the Biosphere, Geosphere atmosphere, and the hydrosphere. We each got to study a sphere witch i think was a great idea. Have you ever studied about the universe? If you haven’t you defiantly should