Cross Country

Hi guys


Last week our school had cross country trials. The most challenging thing was maintaining my pace, but next time I will remember to slowdown at the start, and save my energy. The task was very hard, but I was in the highest group and I finished 3rd.

Although that was a good result, next time I will do better. Last year when we did the district race I finished 12th, which is a substitute place. When you come 11th or 12th, you get a substitute place for the regional race. This year I want to make top 10 in districts.

Do you guys like running long distances? If you do can you give me some tips?


Yesterday our school started ‘Elite Swimming’ We came here last year but this place is way better then Northcote. Our school used to go to Northcote which was pretty good but it was very dirty in the change rooms. Yesterday we were put into groups according to our ability i was placed in the middle group with my friend josh and i it was very challenging but i hope to improve.

What is your favorite type of swimming style?


Awesome sports day!

It was finally time for the first race which was the sprints which was tough because I was up against my friends in the end I came 3rd witch I was proud of. Then we all got into our house colours and began the rotations. Last year Red won and Blue came last which is the house colour I was in. The sports for my group were discus, Poison ball, shot put and the obstacle course. We all tried really hard and blue came first for every game except for the obstacle course. This gave us hope but it was all up to the preps and juniors.

The pressure was on. The winner was definitely Blue or Green. The winner of the Juniors was Green and the winner of the seniors was Blue. But the overall winner was Blue!!! We were all so happy it was such a good feeling that we won!














Hello people,

Today is the 23rd of October which is the first round of inter school sports. I was really nervous about my first soccer match but I needed to stay calm. It was my first preference and it was good I got picked to do soccer. The game was a tough one and it was really hectic but in the end it was 3 all. It was a wonderful game, everyone had lots of fun.  Now out of volley catch, cricket or soccer what sport would you pick? Explain your answer in the comments below.