Score a Goal

Hello guys,


Do you guys set goals for your learning? well now i’m gonna set one for this term. For this term I think that I should put more effort into my work, so that I prepare myself more for high school as I need to get an idea of how much harder it would be. I also think it’s a good Idea to give me something to achieve this term. So what would you set your goal as?





Hey guys,

Today we had an exciting visitor that came to our school to teach us about his culture Italy. The seniors and middles gathers in the hall for this special event. He told us the story of his father who was from Italy. While he was doing this he was teaching us some Italian words so we could learn them. He also showed us presentation of what it was like back then when his father first came to Australia. He showed us a few things most Italians would of brought with them to Australia. It was great learning all these things but to top it off he showed us a  dance called tarantella. It was believed that if you got bit by a poisons spider then you have to do that dance and by doing that it would get rid of all the poison. The dance was very funny but also fun and in the end we had to the chicken dance. I personally did not lie to do it but the younger middles loved it. Overall i think the incursion was great and I defiantly learnt a lot. what do you know about about italians and there cutler.




Our learning goals

Hello guys

Today in school we were told to focus on a goal. We had to make a goal to set for our learning but we had to make sure it was achievable but we still had to make it a challenge as it would last for the year. My goal is to improve my writing. I would like my writing to be more fluent. I would also want to use lots of adjectives and use other sentences that we have learnt in class. We have learnt about compound complex and simple sentences and I hope to use though words. I have also found that spelling is very bad but lucky for me, when I type my blog post it has a spell checker but when you see my real writing you will understand. I reckon I can reach my goal if I keep reading as that would help with my spelling and it would also help me with my writing to. I think that having these goals is a great idea and I will try my best to achieve mine.

Everyone is still a learner but what is your learning goal?

Thank you and see you next time


This year ICT has been better than ever. We have started learning about being safe online. Miss Claire our ICT teacher organised an online website that would help us with being safe online. It has quizzes and even rewards once you’ve completed all of them. I think it is a great way to encourage us to make sure we’re always safe online. The link will be in the comment below and if you sign up or if you already have, in the comments below tell me your score or we could discuss a question.