Say No

Hey guys,

Have you ever been bullied? Well if you have what did you do about it? On Wednesday we had a visit from the the Victorian police so they could teach us about bulling and how to stop it. Recently it has been more common as people have been standing by and not taking action. They also told us that anyone at the age of 10 or older can be charged with bullying as long as there is evidence. She also told us about what we can do to stop bullying. I know know that I should always keep my social accounts on private as if i didn’t anyone could access them. I discovered a story about a year 7 kid who was tricked by a man in Spain as he said that he was 16 year old girl. I was surprised that people could be fooled so easily, What do you think?




Hello guys,

Today we celebrated book week. First off I am going to ask a question. Its called book week but we only celebrate one day why is this?

Anyway I had a great time dressing up as a book character. I dressed up as a magician from magic hat and a brought some tricks with me to. I brought some thumps that light up when u press on them so they look like red balls. Using my tricks i started tricking many people nut then they started realizing what was going on. It was fun playing with these tricks and showing them to others. After some free time we made some kites that we would be allowed to fly later. We then did a fun library activity which involved looking for a book and putting in front of your face so it looked like we were the person from the book. We also had a parade so we could look at other peoples costumes. Overall it was one of the best days.

How did you celebrate your book week?IMG_0035
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Clay all the way

Hello guys,
This week in art we had special visitor named Cristina come and teach us all about clay! I now know that clay is made of 3 elements. Hydrogen Oxygen and cilican. After some listening we got to have some time to try make some ourselves. It was great interesting because before I knew nothing at all about clay and now I know heaps from just two lessons. We used clay to try and make a ball with two small bowls but they they all turned out funny. Even though it did not go plan it was very enjoyable as she let us make them into pots instead. After we fixed them up and made them look better she ended our lesson to take them to someone who can burn it and cook. I wonder what it will turn out like after it goes in the kill. What do guys know about clay and do you have any tips on making clay? Please tell me in the comments below





Hey guys,

Today we had an exciting visitor that came to our school to teach us about his culture Italy. The seniors and middles gathers in the hall for this special event. He told us the story of his father who was from Italy. While he was doing this he was teaching us some Italian words so we could learn them. He also showed us presentation of what it was like back then when his father first came to Australia. He showed us a few things most Italians would of brought with them to Australia. It was great learning all these things but to top it off he showed us a  dance called tarantella. It was believed that if you got bit by a poisons spider then you have to do that dance and by doing that it would get rid of all the poison. The dance was very funny but also fun and in the end we had to the chicken dance. I personally did not lie to do it but the younger middles loved it. Overall i think the incursion was great and I defiantly learnt a lot. what do you know about about italians and there cutler.




The adventure of others

Yesterday we went on an adventure to understand what it’s like to migrate to a country or just being a migrate yourself. We journeyed to the immigration museum to see what it had to offer to us. While we were there we learnt a lot about the stories of people who migrated as well as seeing what it was like for them. Now I know what it’s like to travel across vast seas with a chance you might not survive. Yesterday I used my time well to look into all the information with detail to learn as much as I could. The most difficult thing was trying to write down as much as I could in the short time. I learnt that it is a lot harder to leave the country during war as it is more dangerous. I wonder why people had such strict laws about immigration along time ago. I would also like to know more about the dates of when the laws changed to allow more immigrants in. After the day of learning I had a completely different mind to what I thought before. I now think that no matter who you are, where you come from, or why you come you should be always treated the same.

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Mui Mui’s Story

Hello guys,
Yesterday in the seniors, a guest speaker named Mui Mui came into class to tell us about her migration story. She showed us a video about her story, and later on she explained what she had to go through to come to Australia. I discovered that she had to stay on a boat for five days and the whole time she was forced to sit with her aching legs crossed while her children sat on her knees. The food supply was very poor on the petite wooden boat. Later on, she got rescued and was brought into a camp that was rough quality and she had many struggles with it. I was surprised that she had to stay in that dirty camp for eleven months until she finally got accepted to come to Australia. Now I know that I should always be persistent and keep moving forward as that was what Mui Mui did. I wonder how she was able to live without food and water for 2 days?


Hey guys,

This week we had our first dance lesson. I discovered a lot about Bollywood as that was our prescribed dance. At first I was surprised and I was not looking forward to it but when I saw the dance and started practising, I kind of enjoyed it. The dance is very hard though but I think after a lot of practice, I would have mastered it. Now I know that Bollywood is a way to show how the Indians danced.  The other class is doing hip hop dancing and I would definitely prefer that but it would be a good experience.File_000


Hey guys,

School is back and that means making a new goal. I am determined to improve my spelling as that is one of my weak points. I have been reading a lot and that has helped me with my spelling but would still like to improve more. As school is now back and I am nearly in high school as am half way through my year I must try to learn as much as can. I would also try to prepare my self for the coming year. I think by the end of the term I could have a lot better spelling and hopefully I could be able to remember them . Do you have any tips for how I could improve my spelling? If you do please tell me in the comments.

Lemon Power?


As the end of term is here we have just finished our inquiry project. Our project was on lemons and potato powering a light bold and which fruit or vegetable could power more volts. The most challenging thing was creating our props. I discovered that the potatoes can surprisingly power more volts then a lemon. Even though imovie was very new to me I was most proud of being able to insert videos and add effects. Now I know a lot more about how a circuit works and what it needs to include, some of the things that it includes are power sources, a test and a conductor. I also learnt things like how to write scripts and how to do a story board. I think that this term I have learnt a lot more that other terms at school.


Here is the finished product of our awesome imovie:   

Criss Cross up down low high

Hi Guys,


Today I successful because i was able to understand the criss cross strategy and i picked it up pretty quickly and I think that who ever came up with this strategy is a genius. I am most proud of being able to complete all the questions and get them correct with a lot of time to spare. Now i know how to compare fractions and see which one is more by just doing to sums. Have you heard of the criss cross strategy ? If you have tell me what you think of it.